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Terms and Conditions

Health and Wellbeing Waiver

Teri of "Empower with Teri" is a certified NASM Level 3 Personal Trainer, Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release Practitioner, Reiki 2 Practitioner, Yoga Nidra Teacher, Breathwork and Meditation Teacher, Laughter Yoga Leader and student of the University of Life. Teri's offerings are not an alternative to therapy, and nor should they be considered so. Nor is Teri a GP or medical provider and therefore should not be treated as a substitute for one.

By attending an online or in person offering / service, you agree to the following:

Pre Existing Medical Conditions / Medication

In the event of known medical conditions, I certify that I have consulted a health professional regarding any condition (physical, mental or emotional) that could interfere with my judgment, or affect my health in any way during or after sessions and participation with any offerings with Teri "Empower with Teri"

I understand that I must seek medical advice prior to participation, and inform Teri, if I am taking any medications or have any pre existing medical conditions such as, but not being limited to:

  • Schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, psychosis, pre menstrual dysphoric disorder, PTSD

  • epilepsy or other neurological issue

  • heart conditions / COPD

  • pregnancy

  • high blood pressure or very low blood pressure

  • glaucoma/detached retina

  • localised pain or injury

  • recent major surgery

In the case of Breathwork, Teri will always advise you to breathe through the nose in any of the above cases.

I also understand that I am responsible my after care and for any consequence (mental, physical or emotional) resulting from the sessions with Teri.

Teri will always advise appropriate self care after any interaction with her and her services, and is always open to discuss concerns or queries, but the responsibility of looking after yourself, rests with you.


Online Courses and Workshops


1. Licence to Use

I agree that on enrolment to any online courses provided by Teri "Empower with Teri", I will have access and permission to use the course content and material, within the specified time frame, for my own personal use.

I understand that I do not have ownership of the course content, and it is not to be shared with external sources, third parties, family members, friends or others who have not paid or enrolled, under any circumstances.

Teri of "Empower with Teri" has the right to revoke this license and access to the course content, if I, the student / client does not comply with the terms and conditions in this agreement.

2. Copyright

All material on this website and in any publications / courses or media is the property of Teri of "Empower with Teri" and is under no circumstances to be repackaged or resold to others.​ 

I understand that the course content is for personal use only and may not be used for commercial purposes.

Teri of "Empower with Teri" has the right to revoke this license and access to the course content, if the student / client does not comply with the terms and conditions in this agreement.

3. Payment Plans and Subscriptions

I understand that all information regarding payment plans are clearly specified on the payment plans page.

I understand that for one time payments, you will be requested to pay the full amount at the time of placing your order / enrolling.

For subscriptions, I understand that I will be required to pay for a month up front. This payment will continue to be taken on the same day (thereabouts) each month, from the same payment source, until I specify otherwise.

I understand that Teri is open to discussing other payment options, but that separate terms and conditions will be sent in this case, specifying the decided payment plan, of which I will be required to agree and sign to.

4. Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellation / refund requests must be made in writing to

I understand that refunds will only be considered in the following cases:

- 24 hours before the start of an online or in person course / event

- 24 hours before the start time of an online breathwork / mentoring session

Outside of these times, refunds will not be considered.

I understand that I will not be eligible for a refund after an online course / event has started except in extreme circumstances which must be put in writing to:

I understand that subscription cancellations will be started from the next scheduled payment date after a cancellation submission has been made.

4. Life Long Access

I understand that where specified, content marked as "life long access" refers to downloadable course material. In the interests of always keeping information relevant and up to date, Teri of "Empower with Teri" may add to, amend or remove some online content to ensure integrity and accurate information. 

5. Private Groups

I understand that I must remain polite, kind and civil when participating in any Wix groups or Facebook Groups connected to Empower with Teri. Bullying, harassment and unsolicited advice is unacceptable and will not be permitted. Nor will spamming, trolling or advertising of personal services unless discussed and agreed with Teri of "Empower with Teri" beforehand.

I understand that Teri of "Empower with Teri" is not responsible for sub groups created outside of this platform. I equally understand that although Teri closely monitors the groups attached to this platform, she is not responsible nor liable for what other students / clients or participants say in groups.

I understand that Teri has the right to remove a student or participant from a group if they cause any disturbance in the interest of protecting other students and the Empower with Teri brand.



Tailored individual online Biodynamic Breathwork session - 75 minutes

75 euros**

Recommended 8 sessions for maximum benefits (discount if booked up front)



Tailored individual Biodynamic Breathwork in person - 75 minutes

From 75 euros - 32170 **

Recommended 8 sessions for maximum benefits (discount if booked up front)



I offer group breathwork classes at retreats, holistic events or on demand. Please contact me for further information, prices and availability.

** I wish to make my services accessible to anyone regardless of their financial circumstances and therefore offer a tailored sliding payment scale. Please do contact me to discuss this or possible payment plans.
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