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Beginners Thai Massage Retreat
with Andrea Baglioni 

MAY 24 - JUNE 6 2024


We invite you with a heart full of love and excitement to join us for an amazing, deepening 13 day Thai massage course-retreat in the green heart of Portugal. You will learning the ancient healing practice of traditional Thai massage with Andrea Baglioni, senior Thai massage teacher at the Sunshine Network in Thailand. During this retreat you will experience off-grid life in a peaceful silent valley, surrounded by nature and eating Divine vegetarian meals by our chef Sarah.


Thai Massage

The tradition of Thai massage is more than just a physical therapy. Over several millenia, it evolved as an amalgamation of the practices acu-pressure massage, yoga, vipassana (meditation of insight) and metta (loving-kindness). In its purest form, it is a gift that awakens our spiritual flame and inner therapist. The learning of this beautiful art is not just about memorising a series of exercises, nor about thinking that we can cure someone of their sickness. It is about learning to give from the heart with compassion.


What are the benefits of this retreat?

* It is healing for yourself to relax in the silence and restore your connection with your inner-nature and the nature around you.

* Learn the techniques to perform a two-hour whole body massage routine.

* Acquire the foundational knowledge of the most important energy lines and acu-pressure points that are useful in treating everyday ailments.

* Gain a significant amount of hands-on experience in Thai massage and the confidence to practice on others.

* Join the daily meditation and tai chi practices which are very useful for grounding the body and mind.

* Receive a Certificate of Attendance upon completion of the course (the first step in attaining a Certificate of Achievementof Thai Massage Practitioner).


Our Teacher

Andrea Baglioni, born in 1964 in northern Italy, has been practicing and studying the art of northern style Thai yoga massage for over 20 years. His training started at the Old Medicine Hospital (foundation of Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Thereafter, he has extensively trained with Asokanada (author of The Art of Traditional Thai Massage – the first western book on the subject) and the renowned master of Thai massage Pichet Boonthumme.


Along with Thai Yoga Massage, Andrea practice and teaches Tai Chi and Yoga. He teaches training courses in Thailand, Italy and London. Andrea is also a founding member of TTYMA the first Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Association in the UK, which has been set up to provide membership and standards of excellence, as well as keeping the lineage and foundation of Asokanada’s teachings strong. Andrea visits Thailand annually, teaching at the Sunshine Network Centre (Lahu village Thai Massage research facility) as one of their most senior teachers. Since the passing of Asokananda he has co-run the Sunshine Network Centre Lahu Village in Northern Thailand.


The Venue

Z'amora is a petite, off-grid retreat center located in a beautiful and tranquil valley, 30 minutes outside of Castelo Branco, Portugal. Comprised of multiple terraces, the venue offers enigmatic views and many quiet places for peace and solitude. On the land is an ancient Portal-stone identified by a shaman to have special powers.


Accommodation and Amenities

We are sleeping in canvas Sahara bell tents furnished with comfortable mattresses, rugs and cushions for you to sleep in. The retreat fee of 1295€ is for a bed space in one of our canvas bell tents. Included is 12 days food and drinks, transfer from Castelo Branco to Zamora and the transfer back from Z’amora to Castelo Branco. Not included are your flight ticket and the bus or train ticket from Lisboa to Castelo Branco.


Daily Schedule

0600 Meditation

0630 Qi gong and Tai Chi

0800 Breakfast

1000 Morning massage class

1300 Lunch break

1500 Afternoon massage class

1800 Dinner and free time


We feel free to flow in the moment with the schedule if something else is needed for the energy.


Retreat Outline & Course Syllabus

Your stay with us begins with a full day of relaxation to settle in before the Thai massage course begins. On each day on the course, Andrea will teach you the energy lines, massage techniques and stretches on different sections of the body that contribute towards learning a full 2-hour whole body massage routine. You will get plenty of experience in giving and receiving massage. If you would like to know more detail, a full course syllabus is available on request.


Thursday 6th June 2024 is departure day, however, if you would like to stay an extra offer you can for just 60€ (lunch, dinner and breakfast are included). Please indicate that you wish to stay an extra night when you register.


Registration & Booking

Book now for 1095€. To reserve your place, we ask for a 250€ deposit.
If you wish to book your place on our 13 Day Thai Massage teacher retreat please follow this link to complete the application form. We will be back in touch with you within 5 working days and sending more info.


We love to work together with you during this amazing retreat at Z’amora,

Andrea, Adam and Sara

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