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What to experience after a Breathwork session with Teri?

Breathwork is an incredibly powerful process which supports our body to release old toxins, emotional blockages and trauma, and can also bring new energy into our system. The work does not stop at the end of our time together. This is why I stress the importance of aftercare proceeding a breathwork session, and why you may notice some changes to your physical, emotional and/or spiritual body in the days that follow. Please see my blog on Aftercare following a BreathWork Session with Teri.

Here are just some of the things I have witnessed in myself and the clients I work with, all of which are completely normal: 

  • Sensitive and/or Emotional - Breathwork enables us to bring things to the surface that the body is ready to release, and the work does not stop at the end of the session. It is possible for this release process to continue for a few days after, so you may find yourself a little sensitive or teary. Please be reassured that this is completely normal and is just your body's intelligent way of releasing. This is all part of the integration from your session during which it is really important to be gentle with yourself, factor in time alone if possible, resource, journal or seek support if needed. Please read my article: Emotional Release

  • Tiredness - Breathwork is exactly that. Work! And often this can leave us feeling a little physically tired, similar to when you do a detox. Especially if you have had a big energy release during the session. Be kind to yourself and take time to rest where possible.

  • Increase in Energy - I have witnessed clients have a huge surge of energy in the days following a breathwork session with me, as they have cleared energy channels that were perhaps stuck or stagnate. This can lead to a free flow of prana through the body and feeling like we are bursting with energy. Try to stay grounded and move this energy gently through your body by getting out in nature, walking bare foot, dancing and shaking it out.

  • Temperature Changes - as energy is released and moves through the body it can cause temperature changes during and after the breathwork session. More common are hot flushes and sweats. Remember to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.

  • Changes in Bowel Movements and Activity - just as with any form of detox, we can experience changes in our bowel activity, and the same applies to breathwork. When we consider the effects of the nervous systems sympathetic and parasympathetic state on the digestive system, it is understandable that we may encounter more regular or even urgent bowel movements if coming out of a long term "freeze" state, and likewise can experience a slowing down and firming of our bowel movements when moving out of a long term "fight / flight" state.

  • Sense of calmness - releasing shock or energy from a fight, flight freeze response can often leave you feeling very relaxed, which can feel unusual if we have been in a survival state for a considerable amount of time. Enjoy the new experience, immerse yourself in your resources, keep up your self care routines and remember your functional breathing of long slow exhales to maintain this peaceful parasympathetic state!

  • Lightness & relief - after a breathwork session we can experience feeling a lot lighter in our mind, body and spirit, as though we have released a weight or burden that we have been carrying for a long time, which is often quite literally the case.

  • New perspectives - Breathwork can help us to approach life and unexpected events from a new perspective, with an increased sense of contentment, calm and balance. It teaches us the power of pausing, breathing and positively responding to situations rather than reacting to them. This is extremely liberating and empowering.

  • Temporary Increase of Pain - tension and trauma rises to the surface of our skin before releasing which can often result in temporary discomfort or pain. Pain, in most cases, is our body's way of signalling that there is an imbalance or unease in the body. Remain curious, as much as possible, and see if you can identify the source of this discomfort and bring some awareness, tenderness and compassion.

  • Pain Relief - If you had physical pain, you may notice that it feels different or has moved after a breathwork session, and in some cases I have witnessed clients free themselves completely from inexplicable pain they have been experiencing for some time.

  • Thoughts and Feelings - You may notice that new and previously unknown thoughts, feelings and emotions rise to the surface. If this happens, try to find a moment to sit with whatever arises and just notice them. If possible, with judgement free acceptance. Remain curious to see if they bring new insights or help you gain clarity or new perspectives on a situation.

  • Memories - Breathwork can help unlock parts of our subconscious where memories that have been hidden or protected are stored. This unlocking can release these memories into our conscious minds. If you encounter difficult memories, it is important to work with resourcing yourself in the present, cultivating a felt sense of safety in your body to reassure your nervous system that this memory can not harm us now. Know that your body will never give you anything you can’t handle.

  • Dreams - as with memories, Breathwork helps unlock the subconscious and you may find visions and memories playing out in some rather vivid dreams following our session together. Perhaps keep a notebook by your bed to jot down anything that shows up for you during your sleeping hours.

Of course, if you have any symptoms or changes which last longer than a few days or are disrupting or causing you discomfort, it is important to seek medical advice in the case there may be something else, not related to the breathwork, which needs attention.

I take my role and my duty of care to my clients very seriously, and therefore my work does not end at the end of our time together. If you wish to reach out to me to discuss anything, you are always very welcome to.

And remember, if in doubt, breathe it out.


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