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March 2021 Newsletter and Updated Class Schedule

Can you believe we are in March already! Where has the time gone?

We are fast approaching Spring and with the daffodils and additional sunshine comes some new developments within Empower that I’m pleased to share with you!


March brings a new online and in person schedule.

Thanks to all of you who attended classes and gave feedback. It has all been taken on board and I have altered a few timings / classes in line with your suggestions.

Due to childcare, it is not possible for me to run evening classes every week. I did consider running them after the children are in bed, but I am really invested in quality time with my children on the weeks they are with me, and don’t want to spend my precious time with them worrying or rushing to get them off to bed in order to work. I hope you will be able to understand and relate to this.

Therefore on the weeks I am with my sons, I shall pre record workouts to replace these evening classes, which will be accessible to those of you who have paid for a monthly class pass. I will provide you with more information of how to access these videos. Thanks again!

Please view the schedule for March at:



As of Monday March 8th we will be running Fighting Fit classes every Monday at Marciac Lake. These upbeat and fun classes combine boxing / kickboxing and some of our favourite bodyweight classes along to music.

Because of current social distancing protocols we are not able to use boxing gloves / pads but eventually these will be introduced to enhance the classes. If you would like to book your free first session, please go to:


Lots of you have asked for more WALK WITH ME classes so not only am I amending current online classes to offer more, but am also adding in a live session at Marciac Lake on Saturday March 27th, which if all goes well, I will include on a more regular basis. The class will entail walking the circumference of the lake and stopping at various stations in order to perform low impact exercises. For more information, please contact me at or log onto


I qualified as a Laughter Yoga Leader in February! This is something I have wanted to do for years but haven’t quite got around to. I bit the bullet and participated in an intensive certification with Lotte Mikkelson who is the UK’s number one Laughter Yoga Master Teacher and I will be setting up a Laughter Club in the next month.

We all know the expression “Laughter is the best medicine” and indeed it is! Laughter has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, physical pain and high blood pressure whilst boosting your immune system, protecting your heart and lungs and giving you a really good abdominal workout! It can improve self confidence and release that inner playful child we often lose sight of in adult years.

In my laughter club we will perform various exercises intended to simulate and generate laughter and playfulness. In the current climate, this could not be more important nor beneficial.

Watch this space for more information or visit:


Several of you have enquired about my rather colourful and bright leggings which I order from a little British company called BellaBops!

The leggings are high wasted and excellent quality. Plus they’re rather fun!

I’m pleased to announce that I have become a Bellabops ambassador meaning I can offer you 15% off any order with them with the code TERI115.

BellaBops have just added some fun new leggings and tshirts to their range and have reduced the prices of their rather colourful winter windbreakers as they bring in their Spring range.

Please visit


Don’t forget you can buy class passes at the beginning of each month to save even more money and gain access to all online or all in person classes during that month.


Access to 10 online classes /pre filmed classes

CLASS PASS PLUS – 25 euros

Access to ALL online classes / pre filmed classes


Access to all online and live outdoor classes

Please note that I am undergoing some medical interventions currently which will likely result in me having surgery in the coming months. This will require me to not participate in exercise for a short time after. I still intend to run lower impact classes where possible, and will pre record workouts in advance for the more energetic classes! I just wanted to make you all aware of possible temporary disruptions to the normal schedule! But the show must go on! No excuses! 😊


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