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I am woman, hear me roar

Isn't it divine to be a woman?

I spent the first decade or more of my life wanting to be a boy, believing that I was not wanted as a girl. This carried through to my teens and twenties. The belief that I was less loveable, less wanted, less worthy as a female.

It is only in the last two decades of my life, since hearing from my father that I was not a disappointment and he was proud of me, since becoming a mother (and a bloody devoted one if I do say so myself), and through healing from trauma, that I have learnt to love this beautiful feminine body that I was blessed with. To revel in its magic. To honour its beauty. To embody its strength.

As women we are incredibly complicated yet majestic creatures. Governed by the moon and her cyclical nature. Capable of bringing life into existence. Strong, yet firm and mysterious.

I denied my femininity for so many years. Believing it made me less worthy of validation or acceptance.

Here today, on the 8th March 2024, I stand firm in my femininity. Honoured to wear that crown. And humbled to lead other women to realise their power.

We are woman.

I am woman.

And I stand prouder than ever with a reverence so strong it could burst my heart and this World at the seams.

Today, on International Women's Day, I radiate love to all the strong, sovreign women (and those who identify as) in this World.

May our imperishable strength, compassion and gentleness reign out across the land. And may we finally recognise the magical and miraculous beings that we are...

As a special gift to all women out there I am offering a Self Love Meditation here at:

I am very new to audio recording so am willing to offer anyone able to advise me on the ins and outs of "Audacity" a free online breathwork session in return. (Male or female!)

And whoever you are, wherever you are, remember that you are enough, and you are SO worthy of love.

And if you are interested in joining my upcoming Fempowered Community, please click here to learn more:


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