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Cacao - not just fancy hot chocolate!

I can't tell you the number of people who have referred to Cacao as "fancy hot chocolate". (Cue shocked face!) These are usually the folk who have not yet experienced the miraculous power of cacao. And whilst in effect, it is a very fancy hot chocolate. It is also so much more. It is a superfood. It is a medicine. It is pure love in a mug.

Cacao is a natural plant medicine and when approached with intention, it can assist you in coming out of the head and into the heart. The power of cacao is widely underestimated in this day and age due to the current and constant availability of processed chocolate. Most chocolate and hot chocolate has only a tiny percentage of cacao – and in the majority of cases, that cacao has been heavily industrially processed. True ceremonial cacao is rare… it is sacred... and is made from the whole bean making it much more potent, yet always gentle.


It contains components which have been proven to:

-          lower blood pressure

-          improve cholesterol levels

-          enhance lung function

-          enhance cognitive function

-          promote serotonin release (combatting stress, improve mood, happiness and relaxation as well as aiding sleep)

-          releases a compound in the brain similar to that released when we fall in love (hence being named the “love drug”

-          contains anandamide (means bliss molecule in Sanskrit) and produces the feeling of happiness

-          contains magnesium which is necessary for the body to function effectively. Also helps better sleep, increases energy, calms nerves, relieves aches and pains and aids digestion

-          enhances mood – there are a range of compounds found in cacao that have been demonstrated to enhance mood and fight off depression symptoms. One of these include phenylethylamine, which elevates mood and supports energy. Cacao also includes serotonin, tryptophan and tyrosine which are all mood elevators

-          enhances creativity and cognitive function

-          increased confidence in communication

-          enhances connection to the emotional body

-          enhanced libido and feelings of bliss and connection

-          opens the heart

-          antioxidants – antioxidants help to protect against cell and tissue damage by absorbing free radicals in the body which protect us against a range of diseases and premature ageing. When comparing to something like blueberries, cacao has 40 times the amount of antioxidants!

-          Detoxify the body (for this reason it is important to drink lots of water before and after drinking cacao and you may find you make a few extra trips to the toilet after!)

-          High levels of iron making it the perfect option for vegetarians and vegans

-          High levels of calcium which is known to support bone health but also helps muscles, nerves and even your heart to function properly. Cacao is said to contain more calcium per 100g than cows milk


The cacao I use is a native strain from its native land of Peru. Free from chemicals, pesticides and interference. Stone ground with traditional methods using the whole bean. The founders of this cacao have built a strong rapport and trust with the farmers and guardians of this cacao who have permitted for it to be shared with the World.

All chocolate is made from cacao beans but not all cacao beans are created equal!


You can learn more about this particular cacao, its sourcing and what makes it so special via this link:


Cacao is not a psychoactive or hallucinogenic and therefore will not get you “high” in the sense that cannabis or psylocybin would. When consumed with the right intentions it can produce an overall sense of wellbeing and love as well as enabling you to feel calm, focused and present (in the moment).

Cacao has the ability to open your heart and enrich your relationships, work and your life. Everybody’s experience with cacao is different and unique, as are we. Some have very visceral and emotionally moving responses to cacao, whilst for others it is very subtle and perhaps not felt at all in the physical or emotional sense. Your response to it can depend a lot upon your intentions, current circumstances, emotional inner landscape and willingness to receive. In any case, its effects are only positive, and please know that in consuming it, you are receiving all of the beautiful benefits above and more!

Want to know more or experience Cacao for yourself, please head to my Events page or contact me for more information.

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