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Biodynamic Breathwork Benefits Information

Biodynamic Breathwork Benefits

The Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System® is a safe, gentle yet powerful somatic (body based) approach to trauma release, combining deep connected breathing, conscious movement, therapeutic touch / bodywork, sound, emotional expression and meditation.


BBTRS® provides not only an opportunity for the release of stuck trauma and chronic muscular tension, but the chance to regulate our nervous systems and truly reconnect with and trust our bodies again.


Not only does Breathwork have incredible physical benefits such as:

  • reduced anxiety, stress and depression

  • improved mood and self esteem

  • increased energy

  • boosted immunity

  • lowered blood pressure

  • improved blood circulation

  • strengthens lungs

  • managing pain and discomfort

  • detoxify and releases toxins

  • improved quality and length of sleep

  • helps to heal trauma and PTSD

  • improved digestion

  • overcoming addictions

  • improve focus, production and creativity

Breathwork also enables you to access an expanded state of awareness and allow your monkey mind to take a vacation, whilst you invite your body's innate wisdom to take the reigns. This amazing internal intelligence takes care of all of our internal body processes every second of every day to keep us alive. For most of us we have lost connection or trust with this intuitive and discreet inner voice.

By doing breathwork on a regular basis, not only can you experience profound physical and emotional releases during and after the sessions, but you will strengthen the neural pathway to this internal wisdom and be able to access it more consistently on a moment-to-moment basis in your life. Simply by just taking a few... deep... breaths.

The people I have worked alongside with have reported incredible experiences such as releasing suppressed and dormant emotions, revisiting and rewiring significant events in their lives, gaining important insights and revelations helping them to better understand their patterns and instinctive reactions, improving their relationships with themselves, their friends and family, feeling more connected, confident and grounded in the world, and healing unresolved wounds. Breathwork is an accumulative practice and with consistency, it enables us to be more present which makes it possible to make the best choices for ourselves and our families in every precious moment.

Breathwork is transformative and life changing in so many ways. The best thing is for you to come and experience it yourself!

If you would like to work one to one with me, or attend a group session, please do contact me at or call / whatsapp on 0033 (0)768952233


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