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2021 and we're going online!

Hello all

Wow what a year 2020 was! I hope you all had a happy New Year and have arrived safely in one piece into 2021.

As we are no closer to ending lockdown and social restrictions, I have decided to take my classes online. I know this is not quite the same as training out in the open as we always have, surrounded by the beautiful scenery we are blessed with here in the Gers and breathing in lots of the lovely clean air we are equally blessed with. Nor is it the same as training alongside friends and other class members. BUT we adapt and we overcome.

With my online classes I still aim to make them personal and fun. I want to tailor them to you and your needs. I want you to get just as much out of the classes as you would do in person. Therefore, if you want to take your tablets or phones outside during an online session - you can! If you would like to suggest themes or ideas for classes - please do! If you have a personal issue that you need modifications for - let me know and I will adapt our sessions to suit you.

All you need is a computer or smart device. Download the Zoom app onto your device. Then choose the class you wish to attend from my calendar. Pay. And I will send you a link to gain access to that class online. Then please ensure you have a safe space to exercise, water, a mat and equipment (where necessary). Other than that bring your usual sprinkle of motivation and a smile!

Log into Zoom just before the class using the Zoom code provided. You will initially go into an online waiting room. Sadly its virtual so there are no out of date magazines to leaf through or annoying lift music playing whilst you wait! But stay there until I give you access to the class.

Once in the class, you will see me in all my glory on your screen! I have the pleasure of seeing ALL my lovely participants on one screen. We will commence the class straight away as time is limited to 40 minutes. As always this will include a quick warm up and cool down. The rest will be full on fitness fun!

You can pay as you go at a rate of 4 euros per session. Alternatively you can pay for 10 sessions at a 50% discount of 20 euros (Online Class Pass) or choose a months Class Pass Plus - meaning you have access to ALL online classes for just 25 euros! Payments can be made on this website via PAYPAL. If you have problems with this or do not have PAYPAL please do contact me to make alternative arrangements.

And if you cant make the class at the specified time, I will upload it later in the day for you to access at your pleasure within the following week.


As always if you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact me!

I am so looking forward to working (and playing) with you all!

And until we meet again in person... take care :)


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