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Passionate about empowering women to befriend, heal and strengthen their bodies, regulate their nervous systems and truly love the skin they're in

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Hello! I'm Teri and I'm a Certified Level 3 NASM Personal Trainer and Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Practitioner based on the borders of the Gers and Hautes Pyrenees in the South of France. 

I approach women's health from a holistic standpoint, believing that to be truly healthy and happy, it is necessary to work from the inside out, considering many aspects that support us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This includes breathwork, nervous system regulation, cycle syncing, hormone balancing, nutrition, somatic practices, mindful movement, balance, strength training, myofascial unwinding, meditation, laughter yoga, cacao, essential oils, , nature, lifestyle, self care, mindset and more.

I have spent many years studying, practicing and arming myself personally with tools to heal my own inner and outer World.

It is now my mission to empower women to empower themselves by sharing my experiences and learnt skills.

I am not the stereotypical personal trainer who will promise to help you lose weight, /gain muscle, change your physique aesthetically and "look" a certain way. Whilst this is quite often a by product of the clients that work with me, this is not my goal.  In fact, my goal is to work with my clients on a much deeper level in order that they feel so content and attuned within their bodies, that their external appearance becomes of minimal importance. 

Through a trauma informed holistic approach, I aim to take you on a voyage of self discovery, healing and strengthening your bodies from the inside out, rippling out to all areas of your life and those in it.

My Background

Before moving to France, I lived and worked in South London as a police officer in the Metropolitan Police. I started off as your typical "Bobby on the Beat" responding to emergency calls, but shortly after having my first son, I had an experience which changed my perspective on life. It made me realise how precious life is and how I could no longer risk not returning home to my son in one piece every evening. It was then I decided to take a slightly less dangerous role and become a full time Officer Safety Instructor; teaching fitness alongside self defence, personal responsibility, conflict resolution and effective communication. 


After my second son arrived, the long hours and pressures of work, combined with little and poor quality time for my family took its toll and I was fortunate enough to be presented with the opportunity to move to France. The slower pace and increased quality time with my children was just what the doctor ordered, plus with the magical draw of the Pyrenees mountains, I knew I couldn't return to my previous life.

After a somewhat challenging period of my life, I was driven to utilise the skills I had learned and loved in the police to not only strengthen myself physically and emotionally, but to help others to do the same too. I love martial arts, boxing, weightlifting and slightly higher impact focused sports - and so I completed a Level 3 Personal Training and Nutritional Advisor Diploma with NASM and since then have also become a qualified Advanced Boxercise and Group Padwork Instructor - and I have been bringing the fun of fitness to the people of the Gers / Hautes Pyrenees for several years now. Due to unforeseen health issues, I had to take a step back from intense physical training, but took this opportunity to investigate the deeper underlying reasons behind my illness and work on healing my body at a deep cellular level.

I have been working with the breath for as long as I can remember, but began truly experimenting with my breath to regulate my nervous system at the age of 17 when I went through a difficult period in my life resulting in severe anxiety and panic disorder. Since then I have been implementing breath to support me in my personal life, in my movement sessions and of course, when singing. Over the last decade I began to see more and more about the miraculous powers of breathwork, with the likes of Wim Hof coming into mainstream media, and I discovered Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release, which resonated with me on so many levels and through its practice, quite literally, saved my life.

I yearned to learn this modality, and the science behind it, to help others healing and recovering from trauma like myself, and the forced rest of health issues several years ago, enabled this dream to become a reality.

I now help others on an individual basis as well as in group settings, and you can find out more about my offerings HERE.

I am also a qualified life coach, law of attraction and reiki practitioner, yoga laughter leader, embodied cacao facilitator and YogaLAP breathwork / meditation teacher.


I am passionate about helping others realise their strengths, bring out their best and truly love themselves inside and out. I believe we are all capable of so much more than we allow ourselves to believe and I strive to help my clients push past the limitations of their minds, reconnect with their bodies, heal their traumas, wounds and limiting beliefs - and truly discover their infinite potential. 

Join me today and lets get EMPOWERED!

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