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The Fempowered Community is a sisterhood of women*, affectionately referred to as "Fembers", all looking to support and uplift one another as we learn, grown, heal and thrive together.

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Us women are a unique and miraculous species. And sadly, hugely misunderstood by the majority. Including ourselves!

When it comes to health and wellbeing there is no one size fits all, and this is especially true when it comes to women. We need a holistic wellbeing approach that is tailored around our individual biological rhythms to compliment, balance and support our hormones, nervous system, digestive and endochrine system, circadian rhythms, nutrition, physical homeostasis, and our mental and emotional health. My years as a personal trainer (and female) have taught me that women need unique support to understand and get the best out of their bodies (and by body, this is inclusive of mind, body and spirit as all are intrinsically linked).

It is my mission to educate women of all ages to reconnect with, understand and love the beautiful bodies they have been blessed with, whilst teaching the importance of self care, breath and rest to reduce stress and overwhelm, and establish the foundations of self love.

But we can not do this alone. Connection is key when it comes to living a truly happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

As a single mum to three boys, ex police officer turned personal trainer turned trauma informed breathwork practitioner, I understand the pressures of women, and in particular, mums, in this busy modern World. It can be so overwhelming managing work, children, relationships and life. Our own health and wellbeing (physically, emotionally, mentally and emotionally) is often put at the bottom of the To Do list - if not completely abandoned. And we too often forget who we truly are beneath the labels of mum, wife, caregiver, career woman... the list goes on. It can be a lonely place.


But we are not alone. And there is strength and empowerment in connection.

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It has been my dream to create a community to share my years of experience, studies and passions to help women reduce the overwhelm, step into their power and be their happiest, healthiest selves. But I also wanted to create a platform or stage, so to speak, to provide all women the airtime they need to shine. To share their gifts and talents, to tell their stories, to speak their truths, express their emotions free from judgement or shame, and to feel seen and heard for who they truly are, behind all the masks and labels society and conditioning bestows on us. 

And this is where the Fempowered Community was birthed.

The Fempowered Community is a sisterhood of women*, affectionately referred to as "Fembers", all looking to support and uplift one another as we learn, grown, heal and thrive together.

In this group you will have access to:

- Monthly Online Wellbeing Chats with Teri or Fempowered Friends

- Monthy Online Cacao Share

- Monthly Breathwork and Yoga Nidra Meetups

- Exclusive Yoga Nidra Audios

- Access to exclusive live workouts and mindful movement sessions

- Access to collaborations with Fempowered Friends

- Centre Stage - Your time to shine

- Access to Challenges

- Regular insights, information, tips and treats

- Fembers Only Discounts and Freebies

- More exclusive content only available to Fembers

All of the above can be yours immediately for the modest investment of 9.99 euros per month.

Join today and lets get FEMPOWERED!

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