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The true measure of success is a healthy nervous system.

So many of us are living in survival mode. So much so that it has become our norm, but this can disrupt the homeostatsis of our body immensely, leaving us feeling fatigued, stressed and overwhelmed, and even causing illness and disease.

A dysregulated nervous system can display itself in physical symptoms and manifestations.

​If you suffer from any of the following, it could be a sign that your nervous system is dysregulated:

  • Elevated or irregular heart rate

  • Shortness of breath

  • Feeling excessively hot or cold, regardless of the outdoor weather

  • Sweating and hot flushes

  • Anxiety or agitation

  • Nausea or feeling ‘off’

  • Feeling frozen or ‘stuck’

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Sluggishness

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Irritability

  • Highly sensitive to sensory stimuli

  • Difficulty focusing

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Headaches

  • Digestive issues

  • Weight issues

  • Chronic pain and illness

  • Cravings, addictions and extreme appetite changes

  • Immune and Hormonal Symptoms

By working with me to REGULATE, I will help you to understand your nervous system and its various states, recognise the impact of dysregulation on our entire physiology including the hormonal, endochrine, digestive, lymphatic and reproductive system, utilise conscious breath and movement to directly access and work with the nervous system, reconnect with your body to interpret your felt senses and respond appropriately, learn techniques to awaken or soothe your nervous system and cultivate a safe environment or "inner sanctuary|" that you can access at any time.

A regulated nervous system will enable you to:

  1. Respond (rather than react) to cirumstances appropriately, and come down from stress more naturally.

  2. Go to sleep peacefully and wake-up in the morning feeling rested and refreshed.

  3. Healthily digest and absorb your food, soaking up all the vitamins and minerals and excreting the waste (yes... poohing) regularly and with ease.

  4. Repair and regenerate your cells and body tissue at a harmonious speed unique to your own needs.

  5. Reduce brain fog, remain focused on tasks and think clearly.

  6. Be productive in the projects, work and tasks you do on any given day.

  7. Steer away from harmful circumstances or people who create chaos and strife in your life.

  8. Parent with greater ease, better boundaries and more empathy (even in those really tough times)!

  9. Engage in meaningful relationships that nurture and provide safety for you.

  10. Find calm in the chaos, no matter what life presents you.

I also offer REGULATE as a 12 week group coaching programme for women. The next cohort is starting later this Spring. It combines regulating the hormones, the nervous system and the bodies natural rhythms to attain homeostasis and harmony from the inside out.

If you would like to receive more information and be put on a waiting list for this incredible programme, please click HERE


Tailored individual Regulate Mentoring

Starting at 40 euros - please contact for more details**

Recommended 8 sessions for maximum benefits (discount if booked up front)

REGULATE® - 12 week programme

COMING SOON - Starting Spring 2024,

12 week online REGULATE programme. 

For more information and to reserve a space on this programme, please contact me HERE


I offer tailored group REGULATE® classes. Please contact me for further information, prices and availability.

** I wish to make my services accessible to anyone regardless of their financial circumstances and therefore offer a tailored sliding payment scale. Please do contact me to discuss this or possible payment plans.
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