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Jun 1, 2024 - Jun 30, 2024

30 Days to Befriend your Nervous System - STARTING 1 JUNE 2024

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Our autonomic nervous system controls so many functions in our body. When it is dysregulated, it can lead to many dysfunctions, discomfort and disease in the body, and complications in our outer World too. Nervous systems communicate with one another. If you have a dysregulated nervous system, it will be influencing the nervous systems of those you interact with too. Particularly young children, but also friends, co-workers and loved ones. Therefore, in befriending your nervous system, you not only gift yourself, but those around you too. I wanted to create something easy to manage with bitesized chunks of information that are easy to digest, so as not to overwhelm us. Also because, as a busy mum, I understand that finding time throughout our days for ourselves or self care can feel unachievable. This is why I am asking you to commit to just 7 minutes a day, to watch or read the daily information, and complete the practices. Everyone can find seven minutes a day to dedicate to themselves. You are worth it! Then once a week we will get online together and delve a little deeper into the subjects of that week. (Calls will be recorded for those who can not make it live). You will receive daily lessons, journalling prompts, breathwork techniques, audios, weekly coaching calls and so much more, throughout this one month journey with me. For a deeper breakdown of the course, please visit: Join this challenge today and join a 30-day program to cultivate safety within our bodies, befriend our nervous systems, understand our body's unique biological responses and empower ourselves to work with, rather than against, our bodies to create more confidence, connection and compassion in our lives. Price: 99 euros, early bird offer of 77 euros with the coupon code EARLYBIRD if booked before 19th May 2024.

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30 Days to Befriend your Nervous System

30 Days to Befriend your Nervous System

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