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Beautiful, Bodyful YOU

My health and wellbeing approach is holistic, tackling all angles including my 5 Pillars Of Health:  functional breath, movement, nutrition, hormones, nervous system regulation (including trauma healing), to enable women to befriend their miraculous bodies and build strength & resilience from the inside out, with a focus on feeling good as opposed to the usual health / wellbeing goal of looking good.

Although I am a certified Personal Trainer, I am unlike most personal trainers in that I will not work with you to lose weight, build muscle, gain a six pack or any other external aesthetic goal. That may be an unintentional by product of our work together, however my intention will be to help you to reconnect to your body's natural rhythms and impulses, build awareness, breathe, balance, move, unwind, strengthen, listen, regulate, appreciate and even love yourself, from the inside out, in such a way that your external appearance will automatically appear perfect.

Just. As. It. Is. 

I want to help you reduce stress and invite more joy and playfulness into your life.

Whilst I physically train with men, my passion is women's health and female empowerment.

To learn more about my Fempowered Community and to join our sisterhood, please click HERE

I have very limited spaces to work One to One with individuals.

However, if you wish to work with me one on one, please complete the attached form HERE to discuss your requirements and to see if I can help you to truly love the skin you're in.

Visit my YouTube Channel for some fitness inspiration

Tailored Individual One to One Mentoring over three months - Online

Includes Biodynamic Breathwork

Tailored individual Bodyfulness Program with more focus on self motivation

I offer group Bodyfulness Training . Please contact me for further information, prices and availability.

** I wish to make my services accessible to anyone regardless of their financial circumstances and therefore offer a tailored sliding payment scale. Please do contact me to discuss this or possible payment plans.
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