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If you are serious about becoming your healthiest, most harmonious and empowered self, you need to work from the inside out.

And it needs to be a holistic approach... not just a one angle approach.

Imagine a house built on unstable and unsafe foundations.

Even with the strongest beams or biggest bricks, it will naturally be wobbly and likely to crumble, form cracks, break or even fall. The same goes for movement and exercise.

If we never open the windows or doors to let light and fresh air and energy through, our house will become stagnant, mouldy, dark and lifeless.

Just like dysfunctional breathing.

If our electrics are misfiring or wrongly wired, we will have frequent power cuts, unexpected sparks and even fire that rages through the house, effecting everyone in it. The same goes for a dysregulated nervous system.

If we under or overwater our garden, it will not flourish healthily. If we plant our flowers at the wrong time of year or in soil that is not suited to those flowers, the flowers will not blossom or grow. If we don't listen to the unique and natural rhythms of our inner and outer landscape, we will never truly be able to enjoy and love it. The same goes for nutrition.

If we have the radiators all on during the summer, windows all open during the winter, too many plugs and electrical devices running at once, walkways filled with furniture, or shelves overloaded with junk, the house will feel uncomfortable, disjointed and heavy; blocking the natural flow.

Just like the hormones in our bodies.

And if the people within the house are stressed, angry, depressed, traumatised, critical, judgemental or even abusive, then happiness, joy, compassion and love can not thrive. The same applies to our emotional and mental wellbeing, and the way we speak to ourselves.

For a home (body) to run efficiently and smoothly, all of these systems have to work harmoniously together.

When you work with me, I will take into consideration all aspects of your housekeeping and maintenance, and provide you with a tailored plan to ensure your home runs as happy and harmoniously as possible!

  • Tailored Individual Bodyfulness Program around my 5 Pillars Of Health:  functional breath, mindful movement, intuitive nutrition, nervous system regulation, harmonious hormones

  • 8 Biodynamic Breathwork Sessions

  • Weekly Check up calls

  • Accountability

  • Access to my online programs

  • Access to the Fempowered Community during our time frame together

  • Bodyfulness ToolKit 

  • WhatsApp access to Teri *

  • And more...


I have very limited spaces to work One to One with individuals.

However, if you wish to work with me one on one, please click below

to discuss your requirements.

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